Earn from Your Travel: We’re Seeking Trip Designers!

Earning from Travel with Travelove
Earning from Travel with Travelove

We’re now bringing you the opportunity to monetize passion for travel. Who of you hasn’t dreamed of travelling the world even more than you do now, while earning a recurring income? Look no further, we’ve got something for you!

The Story of Travelove

Travelove has emerged out of the need for traveling to places in an unconventional way. Staying away from mass tourism and discovering the road less travelled, meeting locals who would show travellers their country through their eyes.

Two sisters, Katka and Lada, fell for travelling with local touch. Now, as they are (slightly) older and have families, they lack the time to research places to go and activities to do. Out of that need, Travelove was born.

The clients of Travelove are individuals, couples, even families with young children. Each traveller gets their own personalized guidebook, which contributes not only to learning about the place itself and serving as a go-to resource while on the Trip, but also makes for a nice memory for when the Trip is over.

Travelove has created a big community of travel enthusiasts, who put together Trips that Travelove then offers. Letting people experience the places they love, has become Travelove’s mission. We currently have 18+ trips and many more are close to completion.

Jitka Trip Designer Travelove

Seeking Trip Designers

We want to have the range of our Trips even broader. And that’s why we’re inviting you to become a Trip Designer! Please apply if:

→  You love travelling

→  You enjoy travel planning and coming up with creative things to do

→  You know a place very well, have either lived there or travelled many times

→  The place you’d like to cover has a wide range of activities for travellers to experience

→  You are fluent in English

→  You don’t shy away from hard work

Michaela Trip Designer Travelove

Getting Paid

Of course all the work you put into it will be remunerated. There are currently two possible ways:

1. Hobby plan

You earn travel points for creating a trip for Travelove, and can then use the points to travel on other Travelove trips

2. Business plan

You get one upfront payment and then recurring payments as clients start going on your trip

If you read till here and still feel excited, you might well be the right fit!

Trip Design Manual Travelove

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